In 2009 Houlding Co-founded the London based visual arts space 'SE8'. The gallery was dedicated to exhibiting Installation Art and in 2010 received funding from the Arts Council England. The exhibition programme went on to receive considerable recognition from the International Press. Each exhibition was accompanied by a limited edition publication.
Jonathan is currently working on two projects and welcomes invites from individuals or organisations who may be interested in collaboration. 

Exhibitions at SE8 from 2009-11
‘Cabinets’ was a series of eight exhibitions over a year curated by Jonathan Houlding which explored the work of internationally renowned artists both emerging and established. ‘Cabinets’ were unique exhibitions which had conceptually at its core the Renaissance phenomenon ‘The Cabinet of Curiosity’ otherwise known as 'Wunderkammer’ or ‘Kunstkabinett’. This phenomena dated back to the late renaissance where collections of artifacts, curios and objets-d'arts from around the world were brought together under one roof by wealthy philanthropists. The Cabinet could also be seen to be the origins of what we now know as Museums and contemporary white cube Galleries. These exhibitions attempted to make visitors not only think about these conceptual historical links but also about issues of display, context and the relationship between the artwork and space. 

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#1 Ian Kiaer • Three Proposals

#2 Barnaby Hosking • Owl

#3 Andrea Buttner • Vertiefen und nicht Erweitern

#4 Daniel Silver • Studies for Adam and Eve

#5 Pippa Gatty, Neil Hedger, Dan Shaw-Town • Throw'em out they break my heart

Timeout Review

# Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez • Din 201

Link to video of installation

#7 Martin Westwood • Pretty Vacant

#8 Tim Braden • Agence De Voyage

Cabinets - Printed matter - 9 pamphlets with outer cover - limited edition 150

Artists included: Ian Kiaer: Barnaby Hosking: Andrea Buttner: Neil Hedger: Pippa Gatty: Dan Shaw-Town: Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez: Martin Westwood: Daniel Silver and Tim Braden.

Included were screenings of films by Samuel Dowd: Aron Kitzig/Lars Dreiucker: Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez: Antje Majewsky/Juliane Solmsdorf: Amy Patton: Mario Pfeifer: Laure Provost: Miriam Steinhauser

Mulberry Tree Press
'Mulberry Tree Press' turned SE8 into a temporary fictional publishing house to explore the relationship between space, object and text looking specifically at how they co-exist, how they work hand in hand or separately within the context of an art work or works. Both the production and display of art works lay at the heart of the exhibit and over a two month period brought over 30 internationally established and emerging artists and 3 guest curators to exhibit works. The aim of the project was to produce a substantial publication, which could be seen not only as a documentation of events but also as a finite form of exhibit. Material for the exhibit/publication came from static exhibitions, weekly events, performances, screenings and round table discussions all created within the Gallery environment, replicating what could be seen as a form of publishing house.

Artists included: Antepress, Ruth Beale, Becky Beasley, Sean Borodale, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Roderick Buchanan, Ben Cain, Richard Dyer, Doug Fishbone, Hollis Frampton, Alex Frost, Katie Guggenheim, Emma Hart, Mike Harte, Gary Hill, George Henry Longley, Maria Marshall, Anthony McCall, Jeremy Millar, St Pierre & Miquelon, Tom Chivers, Kate Owens, George Quasha, Martha Rosler, Jamie Shovlin, John Smith, Matthew Smith, Andrew Tyndall, Geopolyphonies. With guest Curators Fleur Van Muiswinkel, Laura McClean Ferris and Gilly Fox.

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Installation view Part 1 Mulberry Tree Press

Installation view Part 2 Mulberry Tree Press

Mulberry Tree Press - printed matter - limited edition publication

Mulberry Tree Press - printed matter - sample page

Mulberry Tree Press - printed matter - sample page

The Half Shut Door
'The Half Shut Door' examined soundtracks from artists films and or stand alone artworks. In this case the soundtrack was extracted and presented as a unique piece of artwork, its visual counterpart being striped to its barest minum in the form of photographic documentation and displayed out direct vision. The exhibition space was 'blacked out' stripping the audience of visual input, the sound took over the space amplified through a sound system. A publication was produced as a limited edition vinyl record.   

Artists included: Dryden Goodwin, Hans Op De Beeck, Stefan Bruggeman and Joao Onofre

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Cabinet 1 showing Hand Op De Beeck and Dryden Goodwin

Cabinet 2 showing Joao Onofre and Stefan Bruggeman

Installation view The Half Shut Door

The Half Shut Door - limited edition vinyl record